I am giving this company a 1 star review on behalf of my 89-year-old mother. Although the two men in James’ team worked very hard on my mum’s back garden over two days in July 2021 (and did a good job), sadly James has let his team down by being unreliable and inconsiderate. He did not turn up when he said he would and he has not replied to my 3 telephone messages over the last 11 days. He was supposed to call at my mum’s house on Thursday 19 August but did not turn up despite me leaving a reminder on his mobile 40 minutes prior to his arrival. (He asked me to do this – which I thought was unprofessional.) We have not heard from him or seen him since. We will not use him again or recommend his company.
Update: since James now says he did call I am updating to a 4 star review as his men were hard-working, polite, helpful and exceeded their duties. However, it was unprofessional of James not to let mum know he had turned up. She needed to go out later but stayed in waiting and worrying.