It’s already autumn, and the winter is about to begin in a month or so. Considering the freezing weather conditions, early preparations are on the way. Are you already buying your winter clothes? Have you started installing boilers for the winter? Why should the trees be left behind when caring for yourself and your house? 

Before the first snows of winter hit the leaves, make sure that you clean up, trim down and cut the hedges of the trees so that they are geared up for the rough fight ahead. In Gloucester, tree surgeons generally provide a handful of tips to help keep the trees in a good position during the winters. 

How do you prepare your trees for the upcoming winters?

Remove weeds and aerate the soil 

After the autumn, before the winter enters, make sure that you clean up the soil, garden and the areas around the trees. Remove the weeds, dead leaves and fallen branches. During the autumn, small seedlings and plants might have cropped up in and around the tree. Cleaning up is essential so the snow doesn’t block the aeration into the soil. Aerated soil will bring in more nutrients to the tree as well. 

Engage in the tree-pruning process

Hire professional tree surgeons for the tree pruning process. This must be done before the winter because pruning helps to remove the dead branches and strengthens the tree. Snow is going to damage the overall lifespan of the tree. So get the pruning done before it starts to snow. 

Place sufficient mulch around trees

Mulch around the trees’ roots helps absorb and retain moisture. During heavy snowfalls, when the temperature ranges in the minus degrees, if your tree roots have sufficient amounts of mulch around the same, the moisture will be retained in the soil, preventing the roots from suddenly drying up. 

Fertilise the soil as needed 

When the seasons change, the fertilisation requirements for a tree also change. So, at the offset of autumn and the onset of winter, check the condition of the soil and add fertilisers as required. This is a challenging task. Hire a professional tree surgeon for the job. They will check the soil’s pH level and moisture content and add the fertiliser accordingly. 

Water the trees sufficiently

To ensure that the tree continues to grow even during the winter months, water it sufficiently throughout the Autumn months. This will ensure your tree stays dry during the cold winters. 

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